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Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait 


Sound and Video Producer - website advertisement   

Love & Legacy

 Sound and Video Producer

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait is a personal and intimate exhibition which explores Amy Winehouse’s inner world, and the influences that shaped her career and personal life. As well as being a celebration of Winehouse, this exhibition is a reflection of a second-generation Jewish immigrant experience. Her family immigrated from Belarus in the late nineteenth century, and she grew up in a secular and assimilated Jewish environment in the heart of London.

Curated by the Jewish Museum London with Amy’s brother, Alex and her sister-in-law, Riva, the Winehouse family gave unprecedented access to Amy’s belongings, which focuses on Amy’s Jewish roots, family life, adolescence and her early career, including her guitar, family photos, record collection, and iconic outfits.

Jewish Museum of Australia

Love & Legacy is one of five new exhibitions launching as part of the very first Multicultural Museums Victoria’s joint project – ‘Grandmothers’. Multicultural Museums Victoria(MMV) is an alliance of five ethnic museums in Melbourne – the Chinese Museum, Co.As.It Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano, Hellenic Museum, Islamic Museum of Australia and Jewish Museum of Australia – all united by a common, underlying mission – to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of Victoria’s diverse cultural heritage. Multicultural Museums Victoria is proud to have Gandel Philanthropy, one of the largest private family foundations, coming on board as the Principal Partner, supporting the ‘Grandmothers’ Project exhibitions across all five museums.

Media Hype


Audio Visual Producer- exhibition promotional video

Media Hype brought together the work of six artists who critically engage with materiality by using one medium to explore another. The exhibition spanned painting, drawing, textiles, photography, ceramics, film and installation. The works are hybrid by design, compounding different media in a way that disrupts the conventional relationship between medium, form and content.


Photography was a binding theme within the exhibition and was integral to all of the artists’ practice, as a point of departure or reference, a source of inspiration, a mode of investigation, and as a practical tool. The exhibition was testament to the ongoing impact of the photographic medium, and an exploration of its limitations and possibilities.

David Vadiveloo


Writer, Sound and Video Producer - interview

In preparation for the Screen Futures Summit, a fellow intern and myself were assigned the job of filming some participants as a pre-show teaser. I walked into this interview expecting to film a vox pop. Though David's responses to the prepared questions were far more profound than a cursory summation of the festival's proceedings.


David Vadiveloo

Kate McCarthy Ficai

Alex Anderson 

Music by Daniel Bowden

Bread and Circuses  


Writer, Sound and Video Producer - short documentary  

Bread and circuses was a term used in Roman times that referred to the appeasement of the masses by means of offerring superficial distractions. 

This is a notion that relates to my project as the participants have broken away from the social dominant system to become independent and self sufficient, never the less, food and entertainment are still necessities but by contrast, these participants acquire food by providing there own circus, it is their music that is the foundation for their happiness and survival.


Dave Scott

Georgia Kerr

Duncan Sykes

Music by Jim Flanagan, Duncan Sykes and Daniel Bowden

[Explicit langage warning] 



Writer, Sound and Video Producer - short documentary

I consider this my first attempt at documentary filmmaking. It is inspired by the work of Ross McElwee who I find raw and daring yet hilariously tragic at the same time. McElwee's idiosyncrasies may be gaged throughout my piece -  some deliberate (as a nod to his work), and some flat out by accident!

This production has given me a wealth of knowledge which stemmed from the many trials and tribulations experienced during the making of this piece. 


Tina Bowden

Florence Hanson-Bowden

Music by Ashley Jones & Daniel Bowden.

The Analogue Future


Writer, Sound and Video Co-producer  

The Analogue Future was a university assignment where myself and a team (featured) posited a tonge-in-cheek prediction for analogue medium's resurgence. 



Daniel Bowden

Rob Corica

Dusty Johnston


Opening music by Jim Flanagan

Ben Kazlauskas' Media Portrait 

Writer, Sound and Video Producer - comedy sketch

This 1st year video had intended to be a poignant reflection on Ben Kazlauskas’ life, however, Ben asked to be portrayed as a larrikin in a comedy. After several revisions, nay, entire overhauls of the script, we eventually arrived at a mock-documentary style interview, as if I was hassling him to participate. 


Ben Kazlauskas 

Juliette Hanson

Music by Ben Kazlauskas

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