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Huge in brains, body and generosity 

These heroic poses encapsulate the way I felt about these gentlemen. After going through a very painful breakup from a partner of nearly two decades and mother of my daughter, it was these few who took us in and showed my daughter and myself that we didn’t have to feel alone. 


From St Kilda to Castlemaine, these dedicated wordsmiths over the years have had me reading more Shakespeare, using words like ‘vacuous’ and ‘smattering’ in a normal conversation and singing ersatz sea shanties, where I would be regaling about real shenanigans of the past. 

_X5C3362 Simon Dan Toby.JPG

The last light of an open resort 

It was in the space of, what felt like, only hours that we had gone from having the ski trip of a lifetime to being told that the virus thing that we’d all been hearing about on the news had shutdown Austria and very soon, the rest of the world. 


When the resort told us that we had to leave the mountain by the next day, we knew that this wasn’t just typical lashings of tabloid media hype that seems to always be ensconced in the minds of the people around me. It was real but I still didn’t believe it. 


I took the camera out to get a feel for how the village was receiving the news and for most, it was disbelief, as if the authorities had got it all wrong. 


We left Austria the next day and only made it back to Melbourne within two hours of the state of Victoria closing its borders to international travellers.


Kristina Lewis Yoga 


This was shot on location at Pukehina Beach in New Zealand. Kristina specialises in hypno yoga for pregnancy and birth, practicing in Devon and originating from Edinburgh, UK.

Action Kristina beach vibed.jpg
_X5C7992 Kristina low mcu  profile_4.jpg
_X5C7842Hand in the Sand.jpg

Uncle Ed, aka, 'Scotland Jack' in Flight!


A punk musician and wind turbine engineer whose work on this world will save us all! This image typifies our time together.

_X5C7651 Our Scottish Jack in flight.jpg

"When you live on the streets, there are two ways you can make money... " Dave sanguinely says to camera rocking the attire of his "corporate homeless look". Between the expletives of his caustic voice, he imparts a certain wisdom that only a homeless veteran of 12 years could. His message in essence was that he was far better off giving a show to the public rather than embracing apathy. Dave's performances are well known to the locals and can be funny, orally corrosive and borderline offensive. Regardless, residents and business owners of the area widely regard Dave as one of their own. As seen in the accompanying video found here. I was lucky enough to interview Dave and his friends, some of which share his domestic situation and positive frame of mind.

Obsolete Short


The Aurora Australis On the Place I Grew Up



Below is a series of high school art photos which I recently had to rescue from my Grandma's dilapidated backyard shed, as the Melbourne Museum's Bunjilaka Cultural Centre had expressed interest in them. I braved the spiders, mould and the dirt to see what was usable from my old collection. 

The story goes, just before my 18th birthday, I stood and watched the Aurora Australis from on top of the cliffs at my favourite surf break in South Gippsland. I set the 35mm Pentax K1000 to 'bulb', left it there, drove home, had dinner and returned two and a half hours later. It was a testament to the area's trustworthiness, in that I could leave my camera unattended in a public place for this long and expect to see it when I got back. 

The Aurora danced around the southern sky in a martian green and yellow hue. Its light kind of tendrilled out over head at times! As it is not as common an occurrence this far north, I could imagine that people may have mistaken the veil of light for the street lamps at Venus Bay.




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