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Capture Podcast

Writer and Sound Producer

Capture Podcast surveys the creative, sociocultural, and political concerns of local and international artists and designers. Drawing from the National Gallery of Victoria and RMIT University’s extensive exhibition and lecture programs, this series aims to expand over time tapping into current contemporary art, design and theoretical practices.

Yidaki by the Yarra

Writer and Sound Producer - podcast  

This project was particularly special for me. Not only was it an honour  to have worked with the likes of ABC Radio National's Miyuki Jokiranta and The Torch's CEO Kent Morris, but I was offered a unique perspective of the Yarra River's history.  


Kent Morris

Director Miyuki Jokiranta

Supervising Director Kyla Brettle. 

Please follow this link... 


Sound Producer - feature documentary

Feature film produced by Em Baker


Mariposa Films released this documentary entitled Spoke in the USA and required assistance in rectifying audio concerns experienced when on location. It was my role to analyse, edit, re-record and enhance existing audio in post production via Protools OMF.


Em Baker and the team at Mariposa Films 

Death Has Wings

Writer and Sound Producer

This is a stylised investigation into how the thought of one's own mortality can influence their world for the better. 


My Choices Were Simple

Writer and Sound Producer - audio drama/comedy

This was a university assignment, which received a commendation, where sound was to be added to silent vision. Some of the car sounds were made by my mouth and I really hope the neighbours weren't listening to me recording this.

It was fantastic collaborating with the talented Hazel Ocskó. 


Voiceover by Hazel Ocskó 
Vision: Przygoda z piosenką [1968] by Stanisław Bareja

The Dax Centre

Sound Producer for the museum's audio guide
"The Dax Centre as the leader in promoting mental health and wellbeing through the educative power of art"

Such inspirations come once in a lifetime. My work with The Dax Centre primarily involved producing audio guides and promotional videos.   


To witness the members of our society who have undergone mental agitation, addiction, severe pain and even hospitalisation on account of their psychological ailments overcome these through art practice, has been enlightening. It has brought strength to my own outlook on life.

New Guinea


Writer and Sound Producer - audio drama 

In this audio drama, I aim to illuminate the struggles of a family forced to flee from war torn Australia.

The character of Wendy by Hazel Ocskó.
Baby Mary by Florence Hanson-Bowden
Malcolm played by Daniel Bowden

Yield's Tin Llama 


Writer and Sound Producer - podcast collaboration 

The decision as to how we were going to present our media project came quite quickly. In class, after we had been assigned the members who we’d be working with, we set about the task of deducing our strengths, our weaknesses, our talents and the things that interested us the most. Through a power-session of jotting these points down, it became clear that sound and media was something that we could all agree upon... 


Sally Lewis 

Tim Palestra 

Music by Ashley Jones & Daniel Bowden

Edited by Daniel Bowden

The Shrinking of Beecroft


Sound Producer - audio Drama Preview 

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